Why's it so hard to deliver great web3 UX?

21 Sept 2023

The immediate responses are usually about the friction of signing up, comprehension of complex mental models, confusing vocabulary, fragmentation of assets or a lack of trust. These are all valid in their own way but miss the single most important thing that’s blocking us from solving these; a UX designers understanding of the space.

Given the right context, team and strategy these are all very solvable problems, so what’s standing in the way? The path to get to great is one that’s littered with moving pieces and trapdoors.

The most effective way to navigate this is to build a deep understanding of the space so when these constraints show up you’re able to gracefully navigate and move forward.

This lack of understanding is also why designers new to web3 take so long to ramp up and effectively deliver. The lack of design maturity in the web3 space can only be solved with time and passion that the early adopters are currently showing.

My advice? take time to get rugged, set up wallets, try bridging funds, buy an NFT at the top and sell at the bottom, stake some funds and explore the space. It’s easy to say ‘it’s too complex’ and a lot harder to understand why it’s complex in the first place.

The deep understanding I've gained solving these problems at Immutable have already enabled me to instantly ramp up and start designing effectively through Halaska Studio for the next DeFi product to take on the big centralised exchanges, Infinex.

If you need someone to help your product hit the ground running, get in touch.

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